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The Fall semester of college is growing ever so close and soon 2010 High School Grads will be moving into the dorms for their first year of college.  Planning and good communication with your roommates are the keys to a smooth transition into your dorm room (or first apartment) and will help you start the semester off on the right foot.

In the past deciding what to pack was a difficult task – what do I need to bring, what is my roommate bringing, how big is my room?  With our Dorm Checklist and some great software from our friends at Design Your Dorm this process just got a whole lot easier.

Design Your Dorm is a web-based tool that allows college students to customize their dorm room interiors, coordinate their dorm room furniture and appliances with their roommate(s) and purchase their favorite room selections online.  Students can create their dorm room layout using Design Your Dorm’s software that includes exact dorm and apartment dimensions for hundreds of college campuses from all over the country.
Like the Dorm Registry at, students who purchase items on the Design Your Dorm site can have their items shipped right to their dorm; instead of loading everything in the car or moving truck and transporting it all to campus.  That means less stress at move-in time and more time for meeting new people and experiencing all the great things college life has to offer.

Happy dorm room designing!

-Mrs. O

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All-in-all, I think this site is an excellent idea for Freshman to
network before entering college, and to relieve the stress of worrying about how to design their living space.

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