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The Best Design Tools for Improving Your Home

Posted April, 2010 by (Lifehacker)

Design Your Dorm
The Best Design Tools for Improving Your Home
  • Price/Availability: Free to use as a web-based design tool
  • Strengths: If DyD happens to have the university you're attending in its fairly big database, you'll get a pre-sized floor plan to work with, and you can drag, drop, and stack all manner of stuff into it to see what fits.
  • Weaknesses: If your college isn't in the pre-loaded list, it's on you to know the size and shape. If you don't like commercial come-ons, you're not going to like the sponsored items you can add to your room.
  • Best suited for: College kids, obviously, who want to know the realities of fitting their life into half of a shared dormitory space. (Original post)

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I ordered the coolest black light poster for my dorm from DYD.  Thanks to them, my room will definitely be the hot spot in the fall.

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