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Design Your Dorm Featured in: 100 Awesome Blog Posts On Dorm Room Design

Posted April, 2010 by (100 Awesome Blogs on Dorm Room Design)

Design Your Dorm Room in 3D


If you’re heading off to college this fall you might want to check out a handy new service called Design Your Dorm before moving all your junk onto campus.

The website has designed 3D virtual models of lots of common college dorm room layouts. So you can make sure you’ll have room for your complete Star Wars action figurine collection long before you move in.

To help figure out where everything will go in your room, DesignYourDorm has several hundred 3D models of common items like TV sets, beds, desks and storage containers. Just drag and drop an item into your room to see where it goes. If you’re living in a double, like more freshmen, the site even has a collaboration feature that lets you design your room in collaboration with your new roommate.

Once you’ve got your dorm room designed with all the stuff you want, DesignYourDorm lets you buy it all. Each of the items you can place in your room is a real product at and the sites gives you a virtual shopping cart as you move through the design process. Just click a button and have everything delivered to your college so it’s there when you arrive.

As the site says, “move-in day just got a whole lot easier!

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To get into the Trojan spirit, I'm going to decorate my room with tons of USC stuff from DYD.  Now I'm definitely ready for football season!

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