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Proactively Design Your Dorm Room This School Year With

Posted February, 2009 by (Seen On Real Estate)

If you’re one of those youngsters that are about to enter a college life this coming school year, then you might want to check out the website called because they’ll be helping you with your plan of moving in to your new dorm.
Moving in to another place is definitely not the easiest part of a college life. You’ll have to transfer so many things to a smaller space. Sometimes you will have to travel back and forth from your house to your dorm just to return things that doesn’t fit in your room. will help you fix this problem as they allow you to proactively design your dorm room so that you’ll have an idea of the things that will fit in your room while getting rid of those extra items.
Aside from this, it also allows you to design the room together with your roommates making it easy for all of you to plan and move in your things, and make your room look as cool as possible.

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CRC made it really simple to design a great dorm room — when I live in Boston, and my roommate is across the country. No duplicates! It was so easy. — Jennifer Harlan, Univ. of Arizona freshman

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