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Making the green's list

Posted October, 2009 by (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Making the green's list

New Penn students in the Class of 2013 living in Hill College House will be able to view their rooms before even setting foot on campus. This year Penn has partnered with a new site,, that enables students to see 3-D renderings of their room so they can plan them. On the site students can choose dorm products, place them in the room, and purchase them. They can even coordinate with future roommates.

"It's like one-stop shopping," said Penn Housing spokeswoman Barbara Lea-Kruger.

Design Your Dorm, which also promotes going green, will help prevent roommates from purchasing the same things or bringing too much. The site just introduced an "Eco-Friendly" category with products students can order. Spokeswoman Courtney Kephart says items are constantly being added to the category.

The site will also ship products straight to the university, cutting the cost of shipping twice and the waste of energy and shipping materials.

Pitt doesn't know much about the new freshman program, because he will soon be leaving Penn's campus to begin graduate studies at Oxford University in England. But he likes the idea.

"I think respecting the environment is important not only because it's simply the right thing to do, but also because we have to work if we are to preserve the quality of life we enjoy now," Pitt said. "I think our generation and that of our children will really be the first people to suffer from widespread and serious environmental degradation."

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All-in-all, I think this site is an excellent idea for Freshman to
network before entering college, and to relieve the stress of worrying about how to design their living space.

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