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Willows Alumni Embrace Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted August, 2008

        From their personal experience, Taylor and Bryce realized that moving into a college dorm can be a very stressful process. Incoming students have no idea what their dorm room will look like, what items will fit in their room, and what their roommates will be like. Students have to figure out all of this upon arriving to school on move-in day. With the help of Bryce’s father, Ken, and Taylor’s mother, Cheryl, Bryce and Taylor formed a company that revolutionizes the way incoming college freshman can make the transition to college life.
        Working with their fabulous web development team, Moncur Associates, Bryce and Taylor have developed a website that overcomes all of these obstacles. The company’s website,, allows incoming college freshmen to view an exact 3-D replica of their dorm room prior to entering college, and by clicking and dragging objects (bed sheets, posters, lap-tops, etc.) they can design their room to their liking. It also has the capability of allowing roommates to collaborate – before school starts – on their room design, with intelligent programming that identifies the products students’ roommates have already purchased. This safeguards against the ordering of multiple items, and allows students to establish a relationship with their roommate prior to arriving at school. Taylor and Bryce attended the ACUHO-I (Association of College Housing Officers International) conference in June, 2008 where they received positive feedback and decided to go forward with their business model. The website currently has a demo that gives users an idea of how the room design tool works. The official launch of the fully functional website is planned for April 2009, and will target students entering college in the 2009-10 academic year. Next steps for Taylor and Bryce include submitting their completed business plan in order to raise venture capital from qualified private investors. As members of one of the first graduating classes from The Willows, we are so proud of what they have achieved, and so proud to share it with the rest of The Willows community!

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A very innovative and engaging way to streamline campus move-in day by providing a dynamic interface for students to meet their roommates and design their room layouts in a way that is ultimately beneficial to the residents and university staff alike.

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