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Go high-tech when you go back to class

Posted September, 2009 by (Philadelphia Daily News)

Go high-tech when you go back to class

THE GIZMO: Gearing up for school.

In my day, back-to-school prep focused on buying spiral notebooks and maybe a bookbag. Today, the options are a lot more high-tech and interesting.

DESIGN YOUR DORM: The new Web site Design Your Dorm ( invites freshmen to view their dorm room in a 3-D format. Try shifting items around. Then drag in, install (and maybe buy from virtual items.

Design Your Dorm's first official partner school, the University of Pennsylvania, also hooks up roommates to share decorating notions online.

Site developers Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson have also floor-planned freshman dorms at Penn State, Rutgers New Brunswick, Purdue, the University of Toledo, the University of Arizona , Arizona State, Northern Arizona University and a mess of California schools.

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With DYD, I'm able to decorate my exact dorm room months before I move in.  It's going to be so nice to have everything I need waiting for me when I arrive! From bedding to i-Pod speakers, DYD made packing for college a breeze.

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