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Design Your Dorm – Great Tool For The College Bound

Posted February, 2009 by (The Real Estate Bloggers)

Design Your Dorm – Great Tool For The College Bound is a great idea for those heading to college or those newly arrived there. They let you proactively design your dorm room with your roommates so that the dorm will fit all of your items.

If you have ever lived in a dorm room overloaded by an overanxious roommate you understand what I mean. The idea of having things planned so that, believe it or not, the freshman dorm room will look cool as opposed to a yard sale is a tool worth using. launched in June and took former University of Arizona students Taylor Robinson and Bryce Widelitz a year to create. Moving to start the freshman year “is a really horrible process,” says Robinson, who is now based in his home city of Los Angeles. “There’s so much guesswork in moving into the dorm,” not to mention lugging furniture into the space or renting a car to return items. With the site’s renderings, students will have a better idea of what’s going to fit, alleviating some stress and preventing some aching backs.

The site also includes some pre-designed “cool rooms” for inspiration. And Robinson plans to add functions to facilitate roommate collaboration when designing shared spaces and dividing costs, as well as some personalized information about the residence halls and student neighbors.  

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On move-in day, there were tons of students who had brought duplicates. Their parents had to haul it back home…not me! I used CRC, saw what my roommate bought, and I bought the rest. — Scott Chaffee, USC sophomore

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