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Design Your Dorm Online

Posted March, 2009 by Jaime Derringer (Shelter Pop)

Design Your Dorm Online
click, design, and buy

It's back to school time! With this tool you can design your dorm room, then buy it all at once. Photo: Design Your Dorm

We all know back-to-school madness is upon us. Do you remember when you were moving back to your dorm, back into another beige cave of oak furniture and boring berber carpet? And then there's the shopping: searching everywhere for extra-long twin bedding, storage cubes and halogen lamps (dorm room staples!). But one company is trying to change all of that. is a web-based 3-D interior design tool for parents and college students to customize their dorm room interiors. They can then purchase the pieces of their room online. The company is hard at work creating relationships with universities and colleges to get room dimensions and arrange for appropriate shipping destinations.

Oh, the relief! I vividly remember driving to college with my mom in my dad's old station wagon, which was packed full of so much stuff that I could barely see out the back window. Then we'd haul all of the stuff up the elevator in multiple trips, carrying as much as we can as many times as we needed to, until we were so exhausted that we'd collapse on the bed (extra long!). One year we paid some guys $20 each to help us!

So imagine not having to pack up all that extra stuff -- You could have everything delivered right to your dorm. Plus, with their handy room designer, you'll know just how much will actually fit in that tiny room. I recall wondering where to put everything I had bought, thinking the place was much larger than in person. Is Design Your Dorm going to revolutionize the way college kids across the country decorate? I certainly would have used it. Try it!

What do you think of this tool? Could this be the future of back-to-school shopping?

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With CRC I was able to color coordinate all my stuff with a roommate I hadn't met yet! Save us a ton of time and a ton of returns. — Susan Morovitz, Univ. of Arizona freshman

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