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Alumni Update: Design Your Dorm

Posted November, 2008 by Taylor Albers (The Eller Times)

DYD siteWhen it comes to moving away from home and into a dorm, there’s a lot for incoming college freshmen to consider. To help them coordinate with new roommates and check things off the new-room list, Eller alum Bryce Widelitz (BSBA Finance ’08) and Taylor Robinson (Psychology and Business minor ’08) created a company called Design Your Dorm. From personal experience, they understand the stress that comes with moving into a new dorm room. Their company will help dorm-bound students have an easier move-in day. Working with a web design firm, the two put together a website that will help students decide what items they will need for their future dorm room. “Our website,, allows incoming freshman to view exact 3D replicas of their dorm rooms before they arrive on campus. By clicking and dragging objects (bed sheets, posters, laptops, etc.) they can design their rooms to their liking,” says Widelitz. The website also connects multiple roommates to safeguard against ordering duplicate items. received positive feedback at the Association of College Housing Officers International Conference and launched the fully functional website in April. The next step for Robinson and Widelitz will be to use their completed business plan to seek venture capital from qualified private investors.

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I had no idea what I needed to buy for college until I found Design Your Dorm.  The website really lays out what you need to survive in the dorms.  I'd have no towels if it weren't for this site!

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