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Design Your Dorm: Students & Parents Alike Will Love This Site

Posted April, 2009 by (Spot a Business)

Design Your Dorm: Students & Parents Alike Will Love This Site

Design Your Dorm: Has The Internet Replaced

Your Last Days As A Parent?


As a virtual 3D dorm room designer, Design Your Dorm is a tool that helps incoming freshman create their future living space and allows them to collaborate with their roommates online. With the simple click of a mouse, college students can drag-and-drop dorm items and accessories into their future room and purchase these selections directly from the DYD website, without ever having to leave the house.

Los Angeles, CA June 1, 2009 – Forget those stressful trips to Bed Bath & Beyond spent arguing over the color of a shower caddy.  Design Your Dorm makes the transition into dorm life simple and fun.  The website allows incoming college freshman to select and purchase potential dorm items and virtually place them in their future dorm room right from their computers.  Mom and Dad, your college bound kid doesn’t need your help shopping for college anymore, they just need the credit card number.

Design Your Dorm, created by two recent college graduates Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson, spawned from their frustrations with the freshman move-in process.  There are so many things students need to buy before they move away from home; even the little things like an extra set of XL sheets are paramount to a successful move.  With Design Your Dorm, students can use the catalog of dorm items available to them to determine what they will need for their room.  As if things couldn’t get any easier, Design Your Dorm will even have these items shipped directly to your residence hall so they are ready for you upon your arrival. 

Parents, are you scared?  It may seem as though the Internet has reduced your parent-child relationship to a series of numbers on a piece of plastic.  Stop being so pessimistic.  Capitalize on this opportunity to use the Internet as a mediator between you and your college bound baby.  Realize that Design Your Dorm wasn’t created solely to help incoming college students; it was also made with you in mind.  The simplistic nature of this site reduces the tension between you and your child and your differing decorating tastes.  Just sit back, relax and let your teen create the dorm of their dreams, just be sure they don’t forget to buy towels. 

If you’re a mother who has forever been divided from her son by his love of sports and your penchant for shopping, use the opportunity of sending him away to college to connect by helping him decide what he will need to survive in his dorm room.  Don’t let your lack of technological knowledge scare you away from using Design Your Dorm, give him control of the mouse while you inform him about the importance of a desk organizer. 

Whatever the relationship with your child may be, Design Your Dorm makes those last ditch efforts at creating memories effortless, fun, and more interactive than ever.  U-Hauls and store exchanges are a thing of the past when it comes to outfitting a dorm room.  So, sit down and merely drag-and-drop your way to move-in day with Design Your Dorm. 

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It's so nice that Design Your Dorm has care packages parents can send! My daughter get's really nervous for exams and I can't wait to send her an exam survival kit from DYD - it will be just what she needs to ace her tests.

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