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Design Your Dorm!

Posted December, 2008 by (Apartment Therapy)

Design Your Dorm

080709dorm-01.jpg This website would have been awesome when we were in college (assuming the internet existed back then). Anyhow, Design Your Dorm has a ton of great features for small space living using 3-D models from colleges across America...

Sign up was quick and easy and we even located our alma mater in the long list of available schools to choose from. The premise is straightforward--first, pick your dorm room's layout from the available models. You can move the furniture anywhere with the simple click of a mouse. Our favorite part of course, was going shopping to pick out our dorm room's decor. The last step is collaborating with your roomie online (before you move in). That way you'll be less likely to bicker over what goes where. We're also really digging the site's compatible blog. With post titles like "Avoid the Freshman 15: Exercises to do in your dorm" and "Utilize Your Room Space" students can make their home life the easy part of college.

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WOW! I love this website! It's honestly exactly what I've wished was out there!

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