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logo Lets Students Plan Their Room -- in 3-D

Posted June, 2009 by (SWITCHED) Lets Students Plan Their Room -- in 3-D

Are you an incoming college freshman worried about sharing space with new, unknown, and potentially disastrous roommates? Well, luckily for you, a new site called DesignYourDorm allows college newbies to virtually plan their first-year space.

The site has 3-D models of average dorm rooms and allows users to drag and drop furniture to get an idea of how much space they'll have and how much stuff they should bring. Trying to move your whole life into an 8-by-12-foot room you have to share may not be the best idea. The site also allows two users to be in one virtual room at the same time, thus enabling future roommates to collaborate.

The site also has some real-world use, as it has teamed up with Amazon to provide real products to place in the room, automatically compiling a shopping list. Once a user is satisfied with her layouts, she can purchase items from that shopping list and have them delivered on move-in day.

According to TechCrunch, DesignYourDorm plans to team up with universities in order to feature actual floor plans. (The site is currently testing this strategy with the University of Pennsylvania.) Less time at Bed Bath and Beyond and more time comforting mom as her baby leaves the nest. [From: TechCrunch]

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All-in-all, I think this site is an excellent idea for Freshman to
network before entering college, and to relieve the stress of worrying about how to design their living space.

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