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Design Your Dorm – Move-In Day Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Posted November, 2008 by (Student On Campus, The Social Student Blog)

Design Your Dorm – Move-In Day Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Moving into your college dorm is one of the most exciting times in your college life – I remember when I walked into mine last year….The small room already half filled with my numerous boxes of bulging junk, the sparse walls…you get the picture.

Well, a new startup called Design Your Dorm (also known as College Room Creator) is a web based 3D interior design tool that allows college students to customize their dorm room/residence hall room interiors.

DesignYourDorm 3D Designer

The site has built 3D virtual models of common dorm room layouts, allowing new students to figure out what they’ll have room for long before they ever set foot in their dorms. To help figure out the exact room configuration, DesignYourDorm currently has a few hundred 3D models of various common dorm room items, including electronics like TV sets and Xbox 360s, furniture like beds and desks, and storage containers that you can freely drag and drop into the room.

Along with the 3D designer, Design Your Dorm also has a store which will allows you to purchase some of the goods you have decked your room out with and also a highly useful checklist which you can print out and use to make moving in day a breeze.

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DYD is so convenient - I love that I can see how things will look in my future dorm room before I buy them! It helped save so much time and money!

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