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Design Your Dorm On a College Student's Budget

Posted May, 2009 by (Miss Scholastic)

Design Your Dorm

As move-in day looms nearer and nearer for college students around the country, it's time to really kick into gear when it comes to your dorm. So I thought I'd share with you. As their website states:

" is a web-based 3-D interior design tool that allows college students to customize their dorm room interiors and purchase their favorite room selections online."

Registration is free. Once you're registered, you can select your dorm room from a menu. DYD has tons of actual dorm room plans from colleges around the country already in their database. That means you'll get an idea of the square footage, furniture, and space you'll be dealing with. You can then add furniture, decor, accessories, organization features, and much more. Plus, you can purchase all those things right there at DYD. It's definitely worth checking out and really fun to play around with if you're like me and enjoy creating all possible furniture arrangement possibilities. ;)

Check out some of these example plans that I found on the DesignYourDorm Flickr page.

Pretty cool, eh? Click here to venture on over and try it out.

Oh, and don't be intimidated! DYD is a really easy site to navigate and use. You'll figure it out in no time. :)

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CRC made it really simple to design a great dorm room — when I live in Boston, and my roommate is across the country. No duplicates! It was so easy. — Jennifer Harlan, Univ. of Arizona freshman

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