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Design a dorm room in 3-D

Posted June, 2009 by (Chicagoland Television)

Design a dorm room in 3-D


August is the beginning of the end for most people, but for coeds heading to college it's time to get in gear for another (or a first) year in the dorm. Just because the school of your choice has pre-selected bland desks, beds and wardrobes for you ahead of time doesn't mean you can't add a splash of your own personality to the mix. And now there's a tool that help you do it before you move in. allows users to select their dorm rooms (using a drop box, you choose your university and residence hall - though many school's specific dimensions still haven't been added to the database) and choose from a wide variety of products that they can actually place in the 3-D model of their room to see how things will fit (and look).

I put together a double room complete with matching nightstands, paper lantern lamps, a flatscreen tv, framed art and a black shag rug to tie it all together. Each time you add an item to the room it automatically gets listed in your shopping cart, so that once your room is complete you can purchase all and have the order shipped directly to your dorm. (No more U-Hauls, mom and dad!) You can even choose to add/purchase portable gaming centers, Nintendo Wii and kitchen and bath products. The selection is pretty complete.

The site also has a feature that allows roommates to share their saved rooms and select their own gear to fill it. Because it truly would be a shame to have clashing color schemes, wouldn't it?

The site still has a little ways to go (for starters, it really needs to enhance its database of schools and residence halls for more accurate dimensions), but as a concept, it's pretty genius; an all-in-one design/compare/shop/ship tool so that all you have to worry about upon arrival to campus is how you're going to fit all of your clothes in that tiny closet. Good luck with that.

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It's so nice that Design Your Dorm has care packages parents can send! My daughter get's really nervous for exams and I can't wait to send her an exam survival kit from DYD - it will be just what she needs to ace her tests.

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