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DYD Just Made Moving into College a Whole Lot Easier

Posted July, 2009 by (HollyWire)

The beginning of your freshman year of college is an exciting time — you meet tons of new people, get introduced to the college lifestyle, and begin planning the four fun-filled years ahead of you.
But while picking out furniture, decorations, and other items for your dorm room can be interesting, it’s also pretty time-consuming and stressful, especially when you have to worry about coordinating with your roommates, figuring out what will fit into your new room, and finding a way to package and ship it to your university. When you’re a freshman and have no idea what to expect from your new life away at school, these are daunting tasks.
Fortunately, there’s an awesome new website out there called Design Your Dorm that makes the process significantly easier, and college students are going to love it for that.
On the site, after selecting your university and residence hall, you’re given a 3D model of your future living quarters, and, from there, you can move around furniture, add blankets, chairs, microwaves, lamps, and pretty much everything you could ever need for a dorm room.
You can even order all of the items you select for your virtual room and ship them straight to your school. Plus, it let’s you collaborate with your roommate on your room design so you don’t end up with clashing bedspreads or duplicate items.

And the best part about this site? It’s totally free!

Developed by two recent college graduates, Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson, Design Your Dorm is an easy to use, one-stop-shop for anything a college student may need.  From flat screens to shower shoes, and everything in between! I wish this site had been around when I was a freshman — it’s a brilliant idea and will be a super useful tool for college students. Definitely check it out if you’re in college!
Design Your Dorm Founders Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson

Design Your Dorm Founders Bryce Widelitz and Taylor Robinson


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CRC made it really simple to design a great dorm room — when I live in Boston, and my roommate is across the country. No duplicates! It was so easy. — Jennifer Harlan, Univ. of Arizona freshman

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