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Introducing Design Your Dorm

Posted December 17, 2008

Design Your Dorm is a web-based system that allows students to view a 3-D version of their exact assigned residence room. Simply "click and drag" desired objects (posters, bed sheets, flat screen TVs, etc.) from the store into their "3-D room," then quickly design their space to match their unique personality and needs. Once you have the perfect space, "drag and drop" your dream room into the shopping cart and purchase all the items you have selected. Items can then be shipped to a designated delivery location. Even straight to your room! Move-In day JUST got a whole lot easier!

Collaborating online with Design Your, roommates will get to know each other, their styles and their personalities while designing their room together. Design Your also allows you to divide purchases among roommates with customized "shopping lists." No more fights. No more multiples of anything. And most of all, no more walking into an empty room without a clue!

We've even included checklists for non-room essentials (towels, toothpaste, etc.), to make sure they don't forget anything. Starting college is stressful enough. Why should they worry about anything they don't have to? Parents can even select and send their kids Care Packages online to help their kids get through exams. Design Your makes it easy!

Meet the Creators

While in their sophomore year at University of Arizona, Taylor Robinson and Bryce Widelitz wondered what would come of their future careers post-graduation. One sleepless night of brainstorming and almost three years later, Taylor and Bryce realized they had a solid idea in solving one of the major issues that college students encounter — their residence hall rooms. From their personal experience, they realized that moving into a residence hall can be a very stressful process. Incoming students have no idea what their room looks like, what items will fit in their room, and what their roommates will be like. Students therefore have to figure out all of this upon arriving to school on move-in day. With the help of their supportive parents, they formed a company that revolutionizes the way incoming college freshman can make the transition to college life. This company is Design Your Dorm.

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I had no idea what I needed to buy for college until I found Design Your Dorm.  The website really lays out what you need to survive in the dorms.  I'd have no towels if it weren't for this site!

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