3-D Room Designer

1. How do I use the 3-D Designer?

Click the INSTRUCTIONS button on the 3-D Designer or see below:
  • An item can be dragged into the room if it has the “3-D” Icon next to it. Click and hold the “3-D” icon in order to drag an item into the room. If an item is not in “3-D,” it can be added to the cart, but not into the room.
  • If a “3-D” item turns red, that means that it will not fit in the given space. Note that some objects — for instance, a few lamps — can’t be placed correctly in corners or different areas in the room. Please ignore this as the designer is taking into consideration the entire width of the lamp heads.
  • To put an item under the bed (or to remove it from under the bed), hold the Shift button and then drag it below or out from the bed.
  • If a “3-D” item will not rotate properly, there is not enough space in the room. Drag the item out of the room onto the “graph paper.” Rotate the item and then drag it back into the room.
  • To bunk a bed, drag it on top of the other bed. Lofted beds and non-stackable beds will not bunk. The bottom bed can’t be “made” with sheets, comforters and pillows.
  • To add a wall item (poster / corkboard / whiteboard / picture frame) to the room, click and hold the “3-D” icon and move the item into the center of the room. Rotate it to the correct angle and drag it anywhere on the wall!
  • You can put an item on top of another item if there is enough space and it can logically be stacked.
  • If a room or “3-D” item looks weird, hit the “refresh” button in your browser. That should restore the room.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.


2. Can I save my designs?

Yes, but you need to be logged in. Just click "Register"if you are a new user.

3. How do I name and save my designs?

Designs are named and saved in the "My Rooms" tab of "Profile."
In the 3-D Designer, you can click "Manage My Rooms" to get there.

4. What does the little 3-D icon mean?

When in the design tool, if you see an icon next to a product with a "3-D" it means that you can use that item to design your 3-D room. Simply click on the image and drag and drop it into your "room".

5. I dragged a 3-D item into my room and it disappeared. How do I get it back?

It is probably hiding behind a wall. Click the rotate button until you see it. Then you can drag it back in the room.

6. How do I find the pre-designed "Cool Rooms?"

Click "Update Profile" then "My Rooms" then "Add a new room." You will see the "Cool Rooms" link.

7. How do I add a new room?

In order to change your room, you must follow these steps:

1) Log-in to your account
2) Click "3D-Designer"
3) Click "Manage my Rooms"
4) Click "My Rooms" tab (if it does not come up automatically)
5) Click "Add a new room"
6) You should now be able to choose a new university (or the same one) and add a new floor plan!

8. Can I build a room using my own dimensions?

From the home page, click “Enter your room dimensions to win an iPod Touch”. The contest is closed but this will lead you to the tool that will allow you to build your room.

Under “Enter Info”, type in your name followed by “Student Submission” in parentheses [ie. Tom Kuhers (Student Submission)]. Fill out the rest of the needed information and  begin building your room. We will only process completed rooms (Ex: Door, Window, Desk, Chair, Bed, etc). Note: You can find 3D doors in Step 6.

Upon submitting your room, we will have it approved and live on our website within 72 hours.
In order to find your room, choose “Build Your Own Room” under the University drop down and choose your given University name under the Residence Hall drop down. Your room will be clearly labeled by your first name and last initial followed by the name of your room. Feel free to let your roommate(s) know about this!


Where can I find the Checklists?

The Checklist link is in the lower left corner of the "Store" page and under the Store Categories box on the 3-D Designer page.


1. What does the blue star mean next to some of the products?

The blue star tells you that we recommend a particular product. As you mouse over the star, it pops a window to share why the item is highly recommended.

2. How can I track the arrival of my shipment?

If you have a tracking or delivery confirmation number that was provided by amazon, you can track your package by clicking the "Track packages" link in Your Account through Amazon. The shipping method and carrier for your package will be listed in Your Account and in your shipment confirmation e-mail that comes from Amazon.

3. Can I return an item?

Within 30 days of delivery, you may return any of the following purchased from Amazon.com: books in their original condition; unopened CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, DVDs, VHS tapes, video games, or software; and any other merchandise in new condition with original packaging and accessories. Read the complete details under the Amazon Returns policy at www.amazon.com.

4. Do you ship internationally?

All of our order fulfillment is handled by Amazon.com and their partners. If you know the address to your future dorm room, why not plan on shipping it directly there on your move-in day!


How do I send my son/daughter a care package at school?

All you have to do is go to the “Store” and click the category for “Care Packages”. Select the care package that you want and have it shipped directly to your son/daughter(s) residence hall.

Residential Life/Housing

Can we add specific university related products to the site?

Yes. Simply let us know which university related products you wish to see on our site and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What if we don’t give out room assignments until late in the summer?

That’s fine. We understand universities give out room assignments at various times throughout the summer. We can put up general floor plans for each building and then once assigned we can coordinate which student belongs to which room.

What if we don’t want certain products to be displayed on the site?

If there are certain products that either you don’t advocate or that are not allowed to be in a specific residence hall, we can take them offline. Just notify us and we will remove them.

How do students communicate/collaborate with their roommate(s)?  

Students can collaborate with their roommate(s) by creating a personal profile and are given the option to share this information with their roommate. Once making their information public, the student(s) have the ability to see each others profile and can view what each other is purchasing for their room. When items in the room are designed it can be viewed in almost real-time. In their profile there is a section for preferred chat, so students can talk through a given chat service that they designate.

How do we sign-up?  

If you are interested in becoming an alliance partner, simply contact info@dydcollegeroomcreator.com and request the University alliance agreement.

How do you get the dimensions for our residence halls?  

We would need to coordinate an appropriate time to get into the residence halls that have different floor plans to take measurements. We have a room configuration tool that allows us to build up any room into 3-D.

How much does the service cost us?  

The service costs you absolutely nothing! It is free of charge to universities and students.

How will the software be maintained? Is it managed on your end or will the University be responsible?  

The software will be maintained and managed on our end. The University does not have to maintain or manage any of the software. A link directing users to our page will be placed on the Residence Life/Housing homepage, so students can be navigated to their exact room.

If a student purchases a product, who is in charge of fulfillment and customer service?  

Amazon.com is in charge of the fulfillment of products and customer service. If student’s have a question pertaining to their shipment or in general about the product they will have to contact Amazon directly.

What if there are various floor plans within each residence hall?

We understand that a given residence hall does not have one typical floor plan and we can accommodate halls with multiple floor plans. We have created a room configuration tool that allows us to build up any room in 3-D. The tool is configured for generic cookie cutter rooms, suite style, slanted walls, etc.

Where do the student’s shipments get sent to?

If affiliated with a University, we will coordinate with them where the student’s shipment will be sent. We want to do whatever is the most convenient for Universities, whether it be shipping to the residence hall directly, an off-site location, or any other specified location. If we are not affiliated with a University, a disclaimer will appear when a student checks out informing them that it is their responsibility to review the school’s policy for shipment of products.

CRC made it really simple to design a great dorm room — when I live in Boston, and my roommate is across the country. No duplicates! It was so easy. — Jennifer Harlan, Univ. of Arizona freshman